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Miniature Firearm Replicas Handcrafted with 550 Paracord

Gregg Pastore 550 Paracord AR-15 Bug Out Frag Firearm Replica firearms Grenade Launcher Guns M-16 M-550 Pro Military Paracord Paracord Art Paracord Survival Gear Rifle Shooting Surf City Paracord Survival tactical

Current Gen 4 Paracord AR-15 Line.  From Top: Sniper Rifle with ACOG and Bipod, OD M4 with carry handle and Gen 1 M-203 grenade launcher, AR-15 with Highpoint sight and vertical grip, Basic AR-15. Generation 4 M4 / M-203 Grenade Launcher with removable 40mm Grenade                              AR-15 Sniper Rifle.  Telescoping butt stock with cheek rest, ACOG Sight, Deployable Bipod, and Sound Suppressor. Parachute cord or paracord as it's commonly called, has been in use since WWII as suspension lines in parachutes.  Once on the ground, the cord would be collected and...

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Gregg's Paracord Art Gallery

Gregg Pastore AR-15 AT-AT Bug Out Frag Christmas Command and Conquer Darth Vader DL-44 Firearms Han Solo Holy Hand Grenade Light Saber M-550 Pro M4 Metal Gear Solid Paraborg Paracord Paracord Survival Robocop Snowman Star Wars Surf City Paracord

Since their start in 2013, Surf City Paracord has been a leader in innovative paracord products.  Here is a collection of their most well known original paracord creations, created by Gregg Pastore. Paracord Snowman - Surf City Paracord's first original creation. The Paraborg, crude by our current standards, but it put us on the map as the first ever paracord action figure. Following the creation of the Paraborg was a series of paracord firearms.  The AK-47 (below) is one of our first attempts.  Compare with the AR-15 (above), made using more advanced techniques that we innovated.  Another early attempt at...

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5.11 Tactical Commerce Grand Opening

Gregg Pastore 5.11 Tactical 550 Paracord Bug Out Frag City of Commerce Criminal Minds Grand Opening Joe Mantenga M-550 Pro Paracord Surf City Paracord tactical

5.11 Tactical (Headquartered in Irvine, CA), opened their newest store in the City of Commerce, California on Saturday, March 25th.  As a proud partner of 5.11 Tactical, we were once again invited to participate as a vendor during their Grand Opening Event.  The event drew a large crowd, some tailgating in the parking lot since the early morning (That's how dedicated 5.11 Tactical fans are). We are continuously grateful for their on going support and look forward to announcing new collaborations with 5.11 Tactical.   5.11 Tactical CEO Tom Davin addressing the crowd. Parking lot filled with fans coming out to...

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