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At Surf City Paracord, we are experts in sizing your bracelet and each order is hand made to fit close to your wrist.  We test every order size on our custom sizing tools to make sure your bracelet will fit your wrist.  As long as we receive the correct measurements, we ensure your bracelet will fit or we'll resize it for free. 

For the most accurate measurement, we recommend using a garment measuring tape.

For correct sizing, measure your wrist with a garment measuring tape and pull snug around your wrist, but not tight so it's cutting off blood flow.  You want a comfortable, relaxed fit. Make sure your measurement begins at the zero inch mark on the tape and not on the 1" mark or space before the zero.  After pulling snug, record where on the tape the zero mark comes to rest (pictured below, the correct measurement is 6" where the beginning mark of the tape comes to meat the 6).  The measurement you get, directly equals the size on the pulldown menu on our website.  Example, if your wrist is 8" (inches) in circumference, then select 8" on the pull down menu.  

**Do not add anything extra to the measurement, we will add the extra space needed to compensate for buckles and stitching.  If you add additional length, it will mess up our measurements and your bracelet won't fit right.  Don't worry, we know what we are doing.

Don't have a garment tape?

If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of thread, wrap it around your wrist snug and mark where the two ends come together.  Lay the thread along side a straight edge ruler to find the measurement. 

Our sizing is in quarter inch increments starting at 5" and goes up to 9".  Select the increment closest to your wrist size, rounding up if needed.  If a loose fit is desired, specify "Loose Fit" in the note when ordering.  We will add additional space to the measurement you selected in the drop down.

Before we ship any order, we test each bracelet to ensure they are made to fit the measurement of your wrist.  

If you have followed the instructions, your bracelet will fit perfectly as shown above. 

*Please do not send us measurements of existing paracord bracelets.  Different weaves and buckle sizes may give us the wrong size.  Only send us the actual measurement of your wrist circumference.  

If you have any questions or are unsure how to get the proper measurement, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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