Paracord AR-15 Sniper Rifle Replica Hi Detail Version (Choice of Colors)

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Sniper version of our Paracord AR-15 Hi Detail Replica.  This miniature is made out of various types of paracord designed to replicate America's favorite rifle and made with stunning detail. This intricately handcrafted replica has all the same features of our stock AR-15 such as a telescoping stock, charging handle, forward assist, interchangeable fore-grip with accessory rails, muzzle brake, safety switch with markings, mag catch, and removable 10 round magazine.  The sniper version includes a longer barrel(6.75"-7") with spiral shape, improved stock with cheek rest, palm rest, and a removable scope.

Made using 550 Commercial Type III paracord, 95 cord and micro cord. Finished product measures approximately 6.5" long.

Use as a:

Desk toy: Removable parts okay.

Zipper pull or ornament on a range bag or backpack. (Parts will be permanent and not removable)

**Due to the delicate construction, it's not recommended to be used as a key chain.  

Designed and handmade by Surf City Paracord

**Stand Sold Separately.  

***All Sales Final
Each piece is intricately hand made in Huntington Beach, California.  There is much time and patience needed to go into each AR-15 in order to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete.