Bug Out Frag Advanced Paracord Survival Kit (Maple Camo)

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Be Prepared with the Bug Out Frag Pro Paracord Survival Kit by Surf City Paracord.  

Bug Out Frag™ At a Glance:

  • Up to 45' USA made Commercial Type III Paracord
  • 33 Different survival tools
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • External compass and ferrocerium rod
  • Handmade in the USA

Be Ready, Gear Up Today.

Product Description 

Designed with compactness and style in mind, the Bug Out Frag Advanced is not a novelty item, it's a fully functional survival kit packed with 33 different survival tools, hand picked and tested by experienced bush crafters for their durability and reliability in the field.  Its unique decorative style encourages everyday carry on trails, or road trips, and other outdoor activities while discouraging premature usage of the survival kit in non-emergency situations.  When in a survival situation, you can have the assurance the tools will be there when you need them most. 

Each Bug Out Frag hand wrapped by our team of knot tying experts here in Huntington Beach California, made using 45' of high quality, USA Made Commercial Grade Type III Paracord, making the Bug Out Frag one of the most generous in terms of supplied cordage.  Inside the grenade shape is an integrated survival kit packed in a rugged, water tight spherical case that will withstand abuse while in the field.  Each kit contains necessary tools for fire starting, camp craft, trapping, fishing, signaling, and purifying water (complete list below). 

Whether you enjoy day hikes, backpacking, off roading, or have a preparedness mindset, the Bug Out Frag is perfect for those just starting to prep for emergencies, or those looking for light weight redundancy to supplement their existing gear.  The pull pin (will not deploy when pulled) serves as an attachment point to hang on a pack, belt, plate carrier, or other tactical gear.  Each Bug Out Frag is light wight, approximately 10 oz and compact in size slightly smaller than a softball at 3.25". 

Surf City Paracord's M-550 Pro Bug Out Frag has been featured in American Survival Guide, Survivor's Edge and numerous other gear sites such as Maxim.com, HiConsumption, Wide Open Spaces, Gear Nova, CNET, The Awesomer, Bro Bible, Oddity Mall, Wide Open Spaces and many more. 

***NOTE - This is a one time deployable kit that is intended to retain essential survival tools until your life depends on it. Once the kit is deployed, the decorative shape can not be re-assembled. 
Pro kit includes:

Up to 45 ft. high quality, 100% nylon, US made 550 paracord
Compass (Externally mounted)
1 LED Flashlight*
1 Swiss Multi Tool(type varies by availability.)*
1 Dog Tag Signal Mirror *
1 Ferrocerium Fire Starting Rod* (externally mounted)
1 Striker Tool
30ft 12 lbs Test Fishing Line
4 Fish Hooks
4 Split Shot Weights
2x Butterfly Sutures *
P38 Can Opener *
6x Waterproof Matches (cannot be shipped via air freight) **
2x Stormproof Matches (cannot be shipped via air freight) *
Jute Twine - Instant kindling - no scavenging needed
Needle and Thread
8' Military Grade Tripwire**
Aluminum Foil
Wire Saw
4x Water Purification Tablets**
2x Safety Pins
Whistle Buckl
2x Split Rings

Electrical Tape
Plastic Bag - For water collection or carrying items
Antiseptic prep pad
Fatwood shavings
Fatwood Sticks - For fire starting 
Please note, Surf City Paracord's Products are handmade in the USA according to high quality standards.  Please allow up to 5 business days for your item to be completed and shipped. 
Notes and Disclaimer 

Survival “Bug Out Frags” and Bracelets are made to order. Survival Tools and Items are weaved into the core of both ”Bug Out Frags” and Bracelets. Not all these Items can be accessed unless breaking down the  Bug Out Frag” or Bracelet. Blades and other Tools may cause Injury/Death. You assume legal responsibility and use of all Items including the Paracord itself. Use CAUTION when unravelling ”Bug Out Frag” or Bracelet while unpacking contents as some Items are sharp. Surf City Paracord Inc. is not responsible for any Injuries/Death caused by Items in the ”Bug Out Frag” or Bracelets and or their use. Description of Items are generalized details that may or may not apply to Items included. Tips, training, suggestions should only be relied upon based on your own research and or training from medical/survival specialists and professionals.   

***All Sales Final*** 
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*** "Bug Out Frag® Name and three dimensional design configuration is Trademarked by Surf City Paracord, Inc.