King Cobra Paracord Survival Bracelet (Choice of Colors)

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The cobra weave started it all, then the King Cobra said, "hold my beer."  Over twice the amount of paracord as a standard cobra bracelet, the King Cobra offers a generous length of 550 Paracord conveniently secured around your wrist.

In an emergency, the bracelet can be deployed, giving you 12-16 feet of sturdy, USA Made Commercial Type III paracord that can get be used for all kinds of survival situations.  Use for building shelters and tools, camp craft, replacement shoe laces, fishing line, dental floss, improvised sling, fire starting (bowdrill), and so much more.

The bracelet is secured using a contoured 5/8" Durable plastic side release buckle that will conform to your wrist for a comfortable fit, on even small wrist sizes. 

Available in a full size, or slim (inner strands of 550 cord are gutted for a smaller fit).

Available sizes are in 1/4" increments starting at 6.0" to 8.5".  



In order that your bracelet fits perfectly, it's critical that you follow our sizing guide by clicking here This handy guide will assist you in taking accurate wrist measurement and selecting the appropriate size.  Your wrist measurement will directly equal the size you are to select in the pull down menu.  Different bracelet weaves and buckle types will require certain additional length for a proper fit.  We will do all that necessary additions to your bracelet will fit perfectly, please DO NOT add any length to your measurement.  Also, please measure your wrist and DO NOT send us the length of an existing bracelet (even one of ours).  Failure to follow our instructions will result in an improperly sized bracelet which can not be returned.

Each bracelet is handmade in Huntington Beach, California.

***All sales final, no returns on handmade items.