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Gregg Pastore 550 Paracord creativity Paraborg paracord paracord art

I started paracording five years ago as a hobby.  After creating a series of original designs that went viral, my hobby became a full time business.  While I love what I do, I needed a hobby again to feed my creativity, so when I'm done filling orders for the day, I pile up my scrap cord and make amazing action figures and accessories out of the short little pieces of cord so small, they'd normally get thrown out.

This blog will showcase the ultra artistic side of Surf City Paracord's founder, Gregg Pastore.  Here we'll explore my creations and their journey to completion.  I'll share with you my passions and a peak into the mind that dreams of these ideas in the middle of the night.  Follow along as we continue to build this blog and expand into other channels.



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