Miniature Firearm Replicas Handcrafted with 550 Paracord

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Miniature Firearm Replicas Handcrafted with 550 Paracord

Current Gen 4 Paracord AR-15 Line.  From Top: Sniper Rifle with ACOG and Bipod, OD M4 with carry handle and Gen 1 M-203 grenade launcher, AR-15 with Highpoint sight and vertical grip, Basic AR-15.
Generation 4 M4 / M-203 Grenade Launcher with removable 40mm Grenade
AR-15 Sniper Rifle.  Telescoping butt stock with cheek rest, ACOG Sight, Deployable Bipod, and Sound Suppressor.
Parachute cord or paracord as it's commonly called, has been in use since WWII as suspension lines in parachutes.  Once on the ground, the cord would be collected and used for various common tasks by paratroopers in the field.  Usage of the cord has continued to be used in military and civilian applications with a sudden surge of popularity happening within the last ten years.
Today, it's properties extend well beyond military and survival use.  People of all backgrounds have enjoyed using paracord to craft endless decorative braids for use in bracelets, necklaces, dog collars, leashes, whips and survival kits.  If you Google paracord, you'll find the number of on-line shops selling paracord crafts nearly unlimited.
Few, however, have tapped into the full potential the paracord medium has to offer. Gregg Pastore, founder of Surf City Paracord located in Huntington Beach, California has raised the bar once again.  
Gregg's creativity and out of the box thinking has taken paracord art to the extreme with his highly detailed miniature paracord firearm replicas.
Gregg first conceived the idea back in 2013 while building an action figure out of paracord.  The figure he dubbed, the Paraborg, was a 10" tall cyborg type tactical robot inspired by science fiction and anime series he's a fan of.  
Original Paraborg Action Figure, made in 2013
To complete the figure, the first firearm was sculpted out of scrap 550 cord that had been collecting around the workstation.  While crude in appearance and lacking any imagination, it set the foundation for what would become a work of art.
First paracord firearm, AK-47.  Made in 2013.  Basic and crude, but laid the foundation for the detailed replicas we make today.
Over the years, the replicas evolved from a basic concept with each iteration building on previous attempts, adding more detail and realism to the piece.  As an innovator, there was no examples to draw from other than imagination...something Gregg never lacked. Growing up building with Legos and modeling clay, Gregg created anything he envisioned in his mind.  Paracord would be no different.  Instead of building with blocks, paracord was shaped and fabricated into any shape needed to bring these pieces of art to life.
Generation 2 paracord firearms.  Improved construction techniques and increased detail, yet still abstract.
Over the last year, the firearm replicas began to radically take shape with impressive amounts of detail added to give the replicas a life like look.  Facebook users seeing the second or third generation of AR-15s though the rifle had been wrapped in paracord until examining the picture closer.  
AR-15 with extendable stock, Highpoint sight, vertical forearm grip, tactical weapon light, laser, and quad Picatinny accessory rails.
Each AR-15 measures five to seven and a half inches depending on the style.  Just like real AR-15s, the variations are nearly endless, from standard rifles, to sniper configurations, and SBRs (Short Barreled Rifles).  Standard features include triggers, mag catch, removable magazines, forward assist, charging handle, safety selector switch, and a telescoping buttstock.
Generation 4 Line up
The latest versions abandoned the Solomon bar weave for the foregrip to be replaced with a removable barrel shroud with Picatinny accessory rail system, just like a real AR-15.  The foregrip is secured using a small ring fabricated out of hardened 550 cord allowing the assembly to be removed and replaced with other configurations such as bipods, vertical grips, M-203 grenade launchers and even shotguns.
Breakdown of AR-15 parts and accessories.  Buttstocks, foregrips, magazines and muzzle brakes can be interchanged between different ARs
In addition to the variety of configurations available for a foregrip, Gregg has fabricated different accessories and sighting options such as scopes, red dot sights, iron sights, and even traditional carry handles.  The scopes feature windage and elevation knobs, while the High Point Sight even includes a mock red dot painted within the sight.
Sighting through the Highpoint red dot sight.
The variations don't end there.  You can add laser sights, tactical weapon lights, removable muzzle brakes, sound suppressors, and 100 round beta mags.  A recent design improvement is found on the M-203 grenade launcher.  At first, the launcher was a static decorative add-on, while the newest version adds functionality.  The barrel grip can be slid forward and a tiny 40mm grenade (all made of paracord) can be loaded into the breach.
M4 / M-203 Grenade Launcher.  Unlike previous generations, the update launcher features a sliding barrel grip and removable 40mm grenade...all made out of paracord.
Each of these pieces are hand made in the USA  At minimum, each piece can take around 2 hours to create, with additional time for more complex accessories.  Gregg puts an incredible amount of detail into each piece, making sure each rifle is perfectly made.  
550 Armory will be a new addition to Surf City Paracord's website  where you will be able to purchase paracord firearm replicas as well as request custom builds.  In addition to the firearms, you can also find other original paracord gear such as Surf City Paracord's popular M-550 Series Bug Out Frags™ their take on the paracord survival grenade.


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