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Paracord American Flag (Limited Edition)

$ 599.99

This amazing American flag is nothing short of breath taking.  Measuring 20"x 10.5", this flag is intricately weaved using up to 500 feet of red, white, and blue USA made 550 Paracord. Each star of the flag's canton is embroidered and glued to the 550 paracord.  Approximately 30 hours is poured into the construction of each piece.  If you're looking for a one of a kind, limited edition piece of American Pride, look no further.

About the crafter … Rich Setzer is a Navy veteran who served for almost 21 years in the Navy Medical Department. That Rich joined the Navy at age 17 was in keeping with a legacy of military service by many other family members. During WWII his father served with Merchant Marines and then during the Korean Conflict with the U.S. Army Military Police Corps. In addition, a grandfather saw combat in North Africa and Italy during WWII and one of his uncles landed with the First Army on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Like many other paracord crafters, he learned the basics by watching YouTube videos which showed how to make simple items such as bracelets, key chains, etc. Wanting a tackle most ambitious paracord projects, he then replicated the Vietnam Service Medal as a tribute to those who served in that conflict.

Rich then decided to try to replicate the American Flag using paracord. He soon realized that this would be as much a mathematical challenge as an artistic one, especially since his primary goal was to make a flag whose dimensions were a consistent as possible with those specified by the United States Flag Code. He solved the challenges of accurate flag dimensions through research, trial and error, and improvisation. The second obstacle he faced was how to complete blue field of the flag with the requisite 50 stars. Using paracord did not seem to be a viable option, so he ended up using embroidered stars secured to the field with a suitable fabric-to-fabric adhesive.

For his next major projects, Rich is planning to create “Thin Blue Line” and “Thin Red Line” variations of the American Flag, honoring law enforcement officers and firefighters respectively.

***Note on Processing***

These are handmade items and sold as numbered limited editions.  Any special orders must allow 4-8 weeks for processing.  No refunds or exchanges once order is placed.

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