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Mayday Drinking Water (6pk) with Drinking Container

$ 2.50

  • 6 Pack of Mayday Water Pouches ( 4.225 fluid oz.)
  • 1 Drinking Container with spout
  • The water pouches can also be stored in 32°F , 0°C.( freezing point of water)
  • Our bottle license with the State of California is #77954. All our water is US Coast Guard Approved and has a 5 year shelf life.
  • Mayday Emergency Drinking Water is manufactured in Vista CA.
  • Coast Guard approval certificate 160.026/70/0

Orders of Mayday Emergency Products are drop shipped directly from Mayday industries and requires a minimum of $25 order (mayday skus)


As with any piece of survival gear, your most important tool is your brain.  Be prepared and put all your skills and tools to the test before venturing into the wilderness.  Casual trips, or slight deviations from a trail can lead to injury, vehicle trouble, or loss of direction leaving even the most experienced stranded overnight.  Always let at least three people know where you are going and when to expect you.  Carry water, food and tools even though you can't foresee needing them.  It's better to be equipped, than regretting not being prepared.

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