M-203 Grenade Launcher for Paracord AR-15 (Blue)

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M-203 Grenade Launcher fore-grip parts kit for the Paracord AR-15.  This miniature replica of the M-203 Grenade Launcher is interchangeable with the AR-15 Stock fore-grip.  Simply remove the ring and muzzle break to remove existing fore-grip.  The stock grip easily slides off and can be interchanged with several different fore-grip options.  

The M-203 is handmade with the same precision detail as the AR-15.  The breach can be slid forward revealing a removable 40mm grenade.  Grenade launcher comes with two grenades. 

***Paracord AR-15 sold separately.***

Made using 550 Commercial Type III paracord, 95 cord and micro cord. Finished product measures approximately 6.5" long.

Makes a great desk toy or use as a zipper pull on a range bag or backpack. Due to the delicate construction, it's not recommended to be used as a key chain.

Designed and handmade by Surf City Paracord

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Each piece is hand made in Huntington Beach, California. Will ship within 5-7 Business days.