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Paracord M123 Minigun by Surf City Paracord

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Paracord M134 Miniguns version 1 (left) version 2 (right).


Entering service back in 1963, the M134 Minigun is the go to weapon for unleashing hell. Known for its extremely high rate of sustained fire, the Minigun can spew up to 6,000 rounds of 7.62mm per minute.  The iconic gun has been used by the US Military since the Vietnam war and continues to be an effective weapon, commonly mounted on aircraft, vehicles and boats.  In addition to combat, the Minigun can be seen in countless action movies, most notably Predator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

I first attempted to make a minigun out of paracord back in 2015 with great success.  It was much smaller than this current version, but I managed to build all the parts out of 550 Paracord and 95 cord.  

For this build, I went bigger in order to have a minigun that scaled next to my Paracord AR-15.  Instead of the barrels built with sanded down toothpicks stuffed into hollowed out 95 cord like I did with the first build, I used the same steel rods used in the AR-15s with a rod in the center that allows the barrels to actually rotate.

For parts I previously used 550 Cord, 1/4" Paramax cord was used to fabricate larger parts such as the drive motors, handle and other parts, while 550 was still used for much of the detail work.

Unlike version 1, this updated version features a more detailed ammo feed belt that can be removed (seen below)

Another new feature is the addition of a tripod to mount the minigun on.  A hinged mounting bracket is attached to the bottom, allowing the gun to aimed up and down, or rotated left and right.

(Details of the mounting bracket)

The fire controls are built on a steel core for durability and feature a hand grip with painted trigger and safety switch.

(Right side view showing the drive motor and hand grip.)

(Rear view)

(Ammo belt)


The Paracord Minigun will be part of the 550 Armory line up as a limited edition piece. 550 Armory is a new section of Surf City Paracord's store that will have our firearm replicas for sale.  We expect this section of our store to open within the next couple weeks, so keep checking our website and social media sites for announcements.  

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